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Nunc bibendum leo et enimatti.

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Tri-city's staff work remodeling magic on a battered apartment bathroom.

This Raleigh apartment had seen better days. The kitchen wall showed significant damage, and a former tenant had coated the kitchen and bath -- including the soap dish and windows -- with an unhealthy dose of electric blue paint.

Our skilled workmen replaced damaged sheetrock, removed peeling wallpaper, scraped away paint, and gave the place a clean, new look.

The property manager for this apartment complex said,"Your prices are unbeatable for the quality of work and your attention to detail -- in a field that tends to overlook detail."

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We're Part of Your Maintenance...

We're Part of Your Maintenance and Remodeling Team

We work hand-in hand with the management and maintenance staff to make sure your apartment maintenance and remodeling needs are met -- on your schedule, not ours.

"Now, when we need an apartment painted, we can get it done in just one day," says one apartment manager about Tri-city Service. "We don’t have to schedule a month in advance."

Tri-city Service has been repairing drywall and painting interiors and exteriors since 1999. When you hire Tri-city service, we’re part of your team